Metaphor Cultural Hub
Γιώργος Κελέφης (Ozon Magazine), Μιχάλης Αργυρού (Beton7)
Γκαλερί - χώρος έκθεσης
Metaphor is a hub for creatives working in the areas of art, fashion, and design, based in Athens, Greece. The proposal stems from the concept of flexibility, in order to create an agile environment that can swiftly transform from a concept store to a gallery to an event space while at the same time maintaining a unique visual identity that defines it. The exhibition space can be easily transformed with the use of six metallic moving display installations either to host exhibitions and display works of art, products, or the program of artistic activities that will be programmed at the space by the creative team of Metaphor.


Ηλίας Παπαγεωργίου
Κωνσταντίνος Βουτουφιανάκης Πετρόπουλος
Ελένη Νικολάου
Χριστίνα Παπαλεξανδρή
Curation and Program Management
Βασίλης Μπαρτζώκας (Design Ambassador)