Κατάστημα ένδυσης/υπόδησης
FÜEL specializes in collecting fashion sportswear and street style clothing, shoes and accessories. This project concerns its second physical store of 500m2, located in the heart of Athens. The core of the design lies in the construction of the experience: everyday images are transfused with a new perspective, causing a form of nostalgia to the visitor. The main area of the store is staffed by a series of custom made constructions. The principle of their design is a modular system of metal tubes with various typologies, which can be assembled in a variety of ways, permitting the creation of endless geometries and forms. The result is a robotic universe, which lends a futuristic mood to the store. This modern character is reinforced by technology, which is omnipresent in the space. Almost the entire store can be transformed at any given time according to its needs. The visitors discover details that surprise and excite them, like an alternative form of play.


Αλίνα Λέφα