Μη υλοποιημένη αρχιτεκτονική μελέτη
Rhoēs is a complex of a main house with a surface of 300m2 and a guesthouse with surface of 90m2, nestled seamlessly within a plot of land on the rural outskirts of Serifos island. The plot is characterized by the dramatic rocky landscape and steep slopes draped in thorny wild bushes. This villa embodies a harmonious blend of traditional Cycladic charm and modern elegance. In addition to meeting all operational requirements and functional needs while maximizing use of the breathtaking ocean views of the nearby island and peninsula, our primary design objective was to integrate the building into its natural surroundings. Functioning as a cavernous structure, the building intentionally maintains a subtle presence, allowing the stunning views to command attention. The landscape above and around the house is meticulously preserved, reverting to its original form upon completion. The house’s only features that remain visible are the main facade and the long slits that appear in the earth in the back of the house, created to allow for air circulation and to increase natural light within the interior spaces. For the house to be inserted in the existing ground a straight-line incision cut is performed. The edge of this line is where the ceiling of the house ends and becomes an outdoor canopy with a thin edge. Under the canopy, the façade is crafted with stone masonry, mainly collected from the excavation of the plot. The stonework as a material, in addition to connecting the building with the natural landscape, gives it a traditional and rugged style. Designed with the freehand undulation of the stonework evokes a sense of lightness, resembling a fluttering cloth or ribbon in the breeze. This movement creates interesting recesses and niches for the veranda while also creating interesting shadows. Extending beyond the building, the stone façade seamlessly merges with the dry-stone walls at the plot’s edge. The veranda floor surface bares ripples from the unconventional circular pool, creating the illusion of perpetual water droplets falling into it. Rhoēs is Greek for flux/fluidity/flow, owing it to the playful rippling association of the house with its surroundings. The end result is a design that exudes distinctive elegance within its picturesque environment, appropriating many traditional Cycladic elements in the process.


George Sinas / Sinas Architects
Junior Architect
Eirini Anastatiou
Junior Architect
Lefteris Mpouras
Studio Taf
Maria Mamoura