Zinodotou Studio
Georgios Apostolopoulos Architects
Γραφείο έως 100 τμ
Georgios Apostolopoulos Architects have recently revitalised a former storage space in central Athens and turned it into their own design studio, breathing new life in a 1970s building located in Pagrati neighbourhood. The concept was to create a space that would not be just a design studio but also a place that would encourage creativity. The studio’s layout is open plan, fostering a transparent, collaborative atmosphere where various sections of the office seamlessly interact. The plan was to make the office space multi-purpose. The existing big window openings to the street were maintained and redefined. Bespoke iron frame windows and a matching door, were installed in order to create a connection with the street and the local community. Theatre-like curtains have been used to frame the view from the office to the street and create a peaceful space inside when they are closed. The interior of the office unfolds in two primary areas, a workspace housing desks and a meeting space adjoined to the kitchen. Hidden doors conceal the bathroom and storage, maintaining the studio’s clean, gallery-like ambiance. Custom-made desks and benches from marine plywood, co-exist with a custom made iron Kitchen, stair handrail and windows, aligning with the office’s aesthetics. Sandblasted moca marble has been used for the window sills extending from the interior to the exterior. The walls have a beige textured finish, creating a calm and welcoming atmosphere. The floor is made out of microcement, chosen for its textured look and in order to match the rest of the office’s look. A similar textured finish was used on the exterior walls in order to create a sense of flow throughout. This project was about more than just making a practical office. It was about creating a place that reflects our design ethos and fits well within the local community.


Georgios Apostolopoulos